Sunday, July 21, 2013

Replacing the microwave convection oven in our 2008 2350.

  Some of you may remember in a previous post I had commented about problems with our Sharp Carousel Grill2Oven     (OVEN).     After our last trip the wife had enough. Problems with the old unit were could not see the display without a flashlight and just did not seem to be cooking correctly.

I did a lot of inquiries on the forum and had good suggestions. One thing that actually helped was I found the same exact unit being sold in different places. I read the reviews and decided to purchase the same unit. One thing this would solve would be the mounting kit, I could just use the one that was already there. Additionally could actually see where the mounting brackets were attached to the old oven and have a template. I had previously taken the old oven out and put back in.

Did a lot of shopping around best deal was at Home Depot, used discover on-line  and saved 10% Cost of the unit was 279.00.  Went and picked up the new unit. Place it on the counter at home. Were going to use it for a couple of weeks make sure working correctly prior to placing in the RV.

Trim frame
This is the opening for the oven. Note the power supply reg AC plug right hand top. I also noticed the two 3/4 inch plywood blocks bottom of hole.  They are present to level the oven in the opening and to help with the trim ring. 

I took the two 3/4 inch plywood blocks out, cleaned the opening, This also got me thinking of making some new blocks. The original blocks are wood, connected to wood, so any bumps go directly to the oven. 

I took some 1/4inch plywood, same size as the original and added some cushioning to under them to help absorb some of the bumps..  I tested the cushioning in the oven at 200 degrees did not explode haha.  We ran the oven a couple of times before installing. Heat comes out the top of the oven its warm, but I can hold my hand in it for as long as I want. Figure the foam cushioning want melt.  I used two strips so the new blocks were a little larger than the original.

New oven installed

Very nice to be able to read display, wife will be very happy. Also nice to have 30amp plug at the house to hook up power.
NOTES;  Cost of project was expensive 280.00 for new oven. Probably could have save some money on the oven, took the easy way out by buying the same model. Also did not change any of the power in the unit.  Time would have been about an hour until I changed the blocks. Used old scrap materials.( also like a lot of guys never throw anything away HAHA).. had to pattern the new blocks, do some drilling etc, took an extra hour.